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About Us

Wavefront is a platform that allows like-minded high school students to post, connect, and build projects they’re passionate about in various industries. You can post current projects you’re working on or even ideas such as conferences, startups, building model rockets, etc. as well as what type of people you’re looking for. Other students (including yourself) can message the project creator if they’re interested in working with them.


What types of ideas should I post?

Wavefront embraces people from all backgrounds, and we encourage you to find a field you are passionate about, whatever that may be. These ideas can range from super small projects that take no more than a couple of hours to long-term ideas that you might want to grow into a business.

How do I find projects/ideas I’m interested in?

You can find projects by looking up profiles, tags, or topics and use keywords as a starting point for finding ideas you’re passionate about.

What do I say in the chat section?

The chat section is mainly for you to reach out to the project creator if you’re interested in working on it with them. You can mention your age, experience, why you were interested, how much time you can commit, etc. Otherwise, it’s up to you on what you discuss with them.

Why are there two descriptions that I need to input for my project?

The first one should be a maximum of 280 characters so that everyone can see the concise description on the main projects page while the longer description as well as additional info can be found once someone clicks on your project.

What if the FAQ’s didn’t answer my question?

No worries! Reach out to our team at t or message us on Instagram @wavefrnt. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Have a question?

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