Build Together

Wavefrnt is a platform that allows like-minded high school students to post, connect, and build projects they’re passionate about in various industries.


Our Mission

There are two parts to a great project: The idea, and the execution.

One cannot exist without the other, but how do you find both? It’s simple, you need a great team.

As ambitious teenagers, we’re either stuck with ideas we don’t feel passionate about or lack the expertise to make them a reality.

Wavefrnt brings those two groups together allowing us to work on projects and build meaningful connections with other ambitious teenagers.

How It Works

Post projects

Share your ideas with the click of a button. Whether you're working on a project or have ideas and need co-founders, developers, volunteers, etc. you can post about them to garner interest from your ideal partner.

Connect with others

Create meaningful and constructive relationships through chatting with other like-minded students. Explore and connect with your peers to to find your next partner(s).

Build together

Work with others to make your vision a reality. No matter how big or small a project, find a team to help you create it.